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Izzy Golding

"I love seeing all my teachers every day at school."

-Izzy Golding

Emily VanYpren

“I love the school spirit and passion of all the administrators with the Amory School District.”

-Emily VanYperen,

Kavy Patel

“I love the band with the Amory Schools.”

-Kavy Patel

Steve Stockton

“I love the commitment level from the school district staff and community to provide opportunities for our students to be well rounded and successful.”

-Steve Stockton

Mylah Wax

“I love my teachers at EAES and the glow parties that we get to have.”

-Mylah Wax

Nori Pickens

“Family culture--Everyone at Amory School District seems to want to help in any way they can for students and staff.”

-Nori Pickens

Ace Rock

“At Amory School District I like all of the sports and coaching staff, especially golf and baseball.”

-Ace Rock