Amory School District

Welcome to the Amory School District

The school district serves approximately 1,800 students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade.
Over 235 dedicated personnel are employed by the Amory School District.

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Amory High School Graduation

Thursday, May 19th – 7:00 pm


MAP (Questar) Practice Tests

Click on the Links below to view each practice test.

English/Language Arts Tests

MAP_ELA_Eng2_Testlet_2016                          MAP_ELA_Grade_3_Testlet_2016

MAP_ELA_Grade_4_Testlet_2016                    MAP_ELA_Grade_5_Testlet_2016

MAP_ELA_Grade_6_Testlet_2016                    MAP_ELA_Grade_7_Testlet_2016



Math Tests

MAP_Math_Alg1_Testlet_MAR2016FINAL      MAP_Math_Grade_3_Testlet_2016

MAP_Math_Grade_4_Testlet_2016                    MAP_Math_Grade_5_Testlet_2016

MAP_Math_Grade_6_Testlet_2016                    MAP_Math_Grade_7_Testlet_2016