Monroe Journal 2-12-15 #2

QEF deserves our support

By Charlie Langford  | 6:00 am  | February 12, 2015  | News, Opinion

We can’t underestimate the importance of how a solid public school district and a prosperous community are one in the same. Without good schools, our future is bleak. We also can’t underestimate how important the support of the private sector is to  have a successful district. They go hand in hand. With that said, we applaud the work of the Quality Education Foundation in its efforts during the last 18 years to provide funding for educational grants and pilot programs in the Amory School District. Through the years, the QEF has provided some $400,000 in funding for grants for individual teachers. The non-profit foundation, made up of 15 volunteers, has now expanded its giving to two pilot programs to enhance the educational advancement of students in the Amory School District. QEF has provided funds to start an after-school tutorial program at Amory Middle School and an ACT Prep class at Amory High School. Both programs will help our students achieve in the classroom and beyond. There is no better investment a community can make than to work toward enhancing the education of its young people.  However, investing in our youth is not free. QEF has established itself as a generous supporter of our schools and should be recognized for its efforts. Unfortunately, the group, as noted by its own leadership, suffers from an “identity crisis.”  Donations and giving are down in recent years. Last year the group received 27 grant requests totaling $58,000, but was only able to fund 15 grants for $15,000. Many of the QEF board of directors no longer have students in the district, but still recognize the benefits of a quality school district in Amory. That’s why they volunteer their time and resources. Others in the community should have this same attitude.

The QEF deserves our support. The benefits of the foundation’s work is shared by us all. We encourage those who have children in the Amory schools – and those who don’t – to make an investment in the future of Amory by making a donation to QEF. Send you tax-deductible contribution to: QEF, PO Box 662, Amory, MS 38821. It’s a good investment.